Flint-Coat Coating Process

Daily Production Capabilities

  • USA : 10,000′ per day – 5 1/2″
  • Oman : 4,000′ per day – 9 5/8″ – 13 3/8″

Surface Preparation

New and used casing and tubing goes through our automated grit blasting machine, removing any surface contaminants and creating a rough profile to increase adhesion.


Once the joints have been blasted, each joint is then coated with Bond-Coat’s proprietary mix of epoxy resin followed by a layer of flint aggregate. This cures and a final layer of resin is applied.

The process of placing flint aggregate between two layers of resin results in a reinforced coating which is tougher than any other coating or wrap in the world.

To assure quality control, the entire process is performed in our state of the art automated coating facility.

Quality Control and Inspection

After the casing / tubing leaves the coating facility, it is moved to racks where:

  • Final Inspection is done.
  • Threads are checked and cleaned.
  • Thread protectors are replaced.
  • Customer’s name, weight and grade is stenciled onto the pipe.